To opt out SMS STOP to 30440

So yeah, you’ve been receiving messages from your network of (no?) choice, telling you about 4G this, or Whatsapp bundle that, or even GoodMorning remember to topup!

Informative messages from beloved network operator
SMS Inbox

Nothing wrong about that right? Unless of-course you’ve become tired of receiving these unsolicited messages and you just want it to stop. I’m sure most of us have never bothered to try and make it stop because in most cases we have conditioned ourselves to just take a quick glance at the message, you know, because it might be important, and quickly hit the delete button and be done with it.

I’m not against receiving messages from my service provider, I mean if their service is going to be down next weekend, I need to know, or if they have awarded me a few MB to test their 4G LTE its important that I know (they actually did this you know), but when I become constantly hit with irrelevant messages, or I’m now constantly being advertised to, that ship must stop.

Now, it turns out every one of these messages good or bad (depending on what’s good or bad for you) comes with a footer (probably not what its called, but…) telling you exactly what you can do to stop the bombardment.

opt-outTo opt out SMS STOP to 30440. Those words are probably the only reason that some people have not opted out! Because when you know that you can stop it anytime, you feel like you are the one in control, but are you? Are you really? No you are not! If you thought they will let you go that easily, you thought wrong!

One Sunday afternoon, after receiving one too many…


The response came, but the number was prefixed with the country code. Not problem, let’s go to that thread and let the fun (not) and games begin…


Waaait a minute! You mean I can subscribe to latest updates, and news, and offers, and buzz by just sending one magic word “ALL”! How easy is that! But let’s not lose focus we are here to unsubscribe, so how’s that done? Ehm… no magic word here, you’ve got to specify the category you want to stop! So yeah you’ve got to send another message to get the list of categories. It’s worth mentioning here, that after reading this, I abandoned the mission for close to a week, advantage to the network of choice.

As instructed, I requested the list of categories and the dance (getting even less fun) continued. 9 categories I was given, so which one to stop, I had no idea, so I did the logical thing, stop them all one by one. It was painful but I was determined….


…and it went on…


I even threw in an invalid category there just to be sure I wasn’t spelling the categories wrong, didn’t help! I took a pause, still determined to got through with this. I re-read the response message and in there I saw I could send the magic word “HELP” and get the assistance that I clearly now required. I complied…


Sending “STOP” and sending “HELP” gives the same message! This would otherwise not be a problem if that same message actually helped you to stop!

Just for one last time as it was apparent I had been defeated, that I would always receive these messages (see how hard I have tried not to call it spam) until I die, I said to myself, if sending “ALL” makes you be subscribed to everything, what if, and even though it doesn’t say so, I send “STOP#ALL” …


And if any of you think that there’s a happy ending to this story, I’m sorry to say..


So yeah, feel free to opt out, send STOP to 30440. I’m still living with the alerts (see how I have even nicer names to the messages (which are not spam)).

Have you been able to unsubscribe? I’m curious to know. I tried this on a different phone, and different number without success.


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