I am

My name is manulite, I’m into IT, specializing in software development. I use lots of Java and related technologies. In fact any challenge you give me I’ll just throw Java at it.

exceptional code
Simon Hammond / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


I do quite a lot of integration work as well, enough that I’m not shy to call myself an expert! I love Linux and all things open source. I read xkcd, and spend serious time on reddit.

Am I a geek? Jury is still out on that, but in short, this is me. I am manulite.

  • Omen Mbera

    great stuff!!

  • ??

    whats your contact number

    • manulite

      Drop me an email on manulite@manulite.co.zw

      • Hnr Munyaradzi Mugamikiu

        i need a POS software dat best suits d selling of cellphone and computer accessories plus some labour services